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ArtQuest Class Schedules 
and Fees

Our Artists work to provide a green environment by using low fume products.

Check Midland College's Continuing Education Calendar for short course offerings from our instructors.​
Summer Kids' Classes are listed below regular schedule.

MONDAY        2:00-3:30 PM        Private Lesson             Various media                                        Judy Griffin
                       3:30-5:00 PM        Private Lesson              Various media                                        Judy Griffin             
​                       4:00-5:00 PM        Children (ages 7-10)     Various media (supplies included)         Judy Griffin 

                       2:00-4:00 PM       Semi-Private Class        Various media                                        Judy Griffin     (limited to three students)
                       4:00-5:30 PM       Teens' Class                  Various media                                        Judy Griffin 
                       6:00-8:30 PM       Adult Class                    Various media                                        Judy Griffin

                      1:00-4:00 PM      Adult Class **                    Various media                                       Judy Griffin  (Additional Fee for longer session)
                      1:00-4:00PM       Private Lesson                  Various media                                       Fritzi Heron 
                      4:30-5:45 PM      Children (age 10-12)         Various media (supplies included)        Fritzi  Heron    
                      4:00-5:30 PM      Private Lesson                  Various media                                       Judy Griffin

                     10:00-11:30 AM    Private                            Various media                                           Fritzi Heron
                     1:00-3:30  PM       Adult                               Watercolor/Pencil/Pastel/Color Pencil      Fritzi Heron   
                     4::00-5:30 PM       Private                            Various media                                           Judy Griffin 
                     4:30-5:45 PM       Children (ages 10-12)      Various media  (supplies included)           Fritzi Heron
                     6:00-8:00 PM       Adult                                Various media                                           Judy Griffin​
ArtQuest ® | 700 Andrews Hwy 
                     Suite D
                     Midland, TX 79701 
Fees listed below become effective May 1, 2018

Adult Classes               $80.00 per month - 4 lessons              2 1/2 hours per lesson

Children's Classes       $80.00 per month - 4 lessons              1 1/4 hours per lesson
                                     Supplies included in price

Teen Classes              $80.00 per month - 4 lessons               1 1/2 hours per lesson
                                    Supplies included in price

SUMMER KIDS' CLASSES  $80.00 per month or 4 consecutive lessons       1 1/4 hours per lesson      Supplies included. 

​If there is a 5th day in the month for any class day - the lesson will be complementary (free) to the student and can be considered a make-up day if the student has had an absence.

Private Lessons          Individual                         $65.00 per lesson - each paid as $260 a month which has 4 lessons        1 1/2 hour per lesson at ArtQuest
                                                                                                            each paid as $325 a month which has 5 lessons

                                  Semi-Private                     $45.00 per lesson - each paid as $180 a month which has 4 lessions        1 1/2 hour per lesson at ArtQuest
                                                                                                            each paid as $225 a month which has 5 lessions

                                   Individual                          $85.00 per lesson - each paid as $340 a month which has 4 lessions        1 hour per lesson at an individual's home
                                                                                                            each paid as $425 a month which has 5 lessions
                                                                                                            (Individuals who live a long distance from studio may be asked to pay travel fee.)

ALL FEES ARE A FLAT RATE FEE.  NO PRO-RATING IS DONE FOR MISSED CLASSES.  If you will be gone a month or more and want your spot in the class GUARANTEED, you MUST pay for those month(s) you are absent.