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Fritzi's Class Information

Fritzi Heron, APA

As a native West Texan, I strive to record the humor and sensitivity of residents of the Southwest. I am blessed to have been able to stay in West Texas to pursue my love of art and teaching. After teaching high school art and promoting opportunities for young artists for 23 years, I was encouraged by my husband and peers to focus more on my work. In recent years, my work has been selected for and exhibited in national and regional shows. In addition to studio work, I enjoy doing commissioned portraits. My favorite media are watercolor, pastel and pencil.

I am honored to be a Signature Member of the nationally known American Plains Artists and to serve on its executive committee. I hold memberships in the Portrait Society of America, West Texas Watercolor Society, American Women Artists, Watercolor Horizons and Midland Palette Club. If you would like to know more about me or my work, please visit .

information below: Reserved Studio Time, Drawing Classes and Watercolor Classes

Reserved Studio Time

We have identified a need for artists in our area. Artists have expressed a desire for a place and time to do their work away from home. In an effort to find studio time, many have enrolled in classes. The problem that they face is that pieces completed under supervision are not eligible for most competitions. Some artists are able to work on Tuesday mornings at the Palette Club.
I am offering studio time at Art Quest on Thursdays from 1:00 to 4:00pm.  I will be present to open the studio for your use while I work on my pieces. In addition to having a place and time for art on your calendar, you will have the potential to have peer support and critiques. Instruction will not be provided during this time so that there will not be any conflict with show requirements. For those of you who are starting to list your work as a business, you should be able to deduct this expense. 
Due to space, this opportunity will be limited to 2 artists for a monthly fee of $35.00 each to be paid prior to the first of each month.   

Drawing Class Summary and Supply List

These classes will be in a format geared to make the beginner feel at ease and experienced artist enjoy new options. Multiple step by step demonstrations will be provided. Between demos, I will assist students individually. During individual instruction, I prefer not to draw on your piece but to illustrate on another piece of paper. We will be drawing from photos and life. Demonstrations on various proportion techniques, easy perspective tricks, a variety of value application techniques, exploring various drawing surfaces/medium and discussion on composition theories will be included. If you are a beginner, please do not let this list intimidate you! Come join us and discover the joy of drawing.

During our first class, I will develop the direction that we will take for the following days based on the needs and interests of the class and individual.  If you have drawings that you have done, please feel free to bring them or photos of them along with you.

Pencils #2 or 2B, 4B and 6B (I tend to use Castell or Venus brands.)
Erasers pink pearl or white vinyl and gray kneaded
Paper You are welcome to bring individual sheets of drawing paper or a spiral of drawing paper. I would suggest 80# or heavy drawing paper. It is more durable and usually has a better surface. Usually bound paper titled “sketch” is 60# paper and “drawing” is 80# paper. ( Size of paper/spiral is optional. I would suggest no smaller than 11” x 14”.)
Photos You may want to bring a variety of photos -- flowers, animals, people, etc.

Note: When you are using most drawing media, be careful not to use heavy lotions on your hands.

Students interested in doing pastel, charcoal, colored pencil or ink can visit with me about the supplies that you currently have and will need.  Beginning students are welcome to use my supplies to explore whether they want to try moving into one of these media before being out the expense of purchasing personal supplies.  I will also visit with you about the style that you are interested in exploring. 

Supplies for Watercolor Workshop/Classes

Beginners -- I suggest that you wait to buy supplies after our first meeting. It is easier to purchase materials after you have seen and worked with them. 
Transparent Watercolors: (Beginners please purchase student grade tube brands - Cotman or Academy. Avoid off-brand watercolor sets. I use Windsor Newton Professional)
Advanced students -- If you work with another brand of watercolor, do not worry about buying new paint. The only thing that you may encounter is in duplicating my color applications, but we can work together to resolve the problem.

     Suggested Palette
           Paynes Gray                                      Cadmium Red *
          Ultramarine Blue *                            Winsor Red
          Cobalt Blue                                        Alizarin Crimson Permanent *
         Sap Green or Hooker’s Green *          Burnt Sienna *
         Cadmium Yellow *                               Burnt Umber
         Yellow Ocher
             * If you are a beginner, you may want to limit your palette to these six colors to help with startup expense.
               If you want to learn more about mixing colors, you might want to use these six colors.

Brushes: Watercolor brushes have short handles and long, soft sable or synthetic bristles.
(Robert Summers Sapphire and American Painter brushes work well without a great expense.) 
         Round # 8 or #10
         Flat Wash 1”
         Liner or Round #00 or a #1
Watercolor Paper: 2 sheets - Arches Bright White or Natural 140 lb. cold press 22” x 30”
Watercolor Board: 20” x 30” GatorBoard, ½” FoamCore Board or ¼” masonite
Palette: White plastic with at least twelve wells and at least one large mixing area. You may want one with a cover for easier transport.
2 Water containers: clean/empty butter or cool whip containers can be used
White Paper Towels
Kleenex tissue without lotion
2 B pencil
Soft white or kneaded eraser
11” x 14” or larger sketchpad
Sponge: natural and cellos (kitchen type)
X-Acto Knife
Tape - 1 or 2” masking or blue painter’s tape
Supplies at a later date: masking fluid, masking pickup, water media polyester film, additional brushes, types of paper, types of salt, plastic wrap, etc.

If you have drawings or paintings that you have done in the past, please bring them or photos of them along with you.  It helps me to get an idea of your interests and experience.